View from here..

Australian Raving Loony  Party.

Passion.Eloquence. Panache.

Imagination. Articulation. Manifestation.

You know it makes sense.

 The view from here. This much I know  to be true.


 “ .....Let ‘er rip...... !! ”



Hello. According to Most Trusted Professions survey rankings, I am apparently a Whore of Satan in search of your soul.

I work in/ am a........

  • Advertising/marketing
  • Banking/financial planning
  • Real estate
  • Mainstream journalism
  • Tabloid editor
  • Stockbroking
  • Talkback radio host
  • a call centre
  • Insurance.
  • Law
  • Politics
  • CEO
  • Minister of Religion
  • local councillor
  • Public Servant
  • 'Property' developer

I think this is unfair. Here’s my self justification.....  



 -Such, such are the joys :

  • running a small business these days
  • housing affordability
  • workforce casualization/the 'effing GiG Economy
  • internet dating
  • utilities/energy/road privatization
  • cost of living


     On :


  • being First Nations
  • enduring/coming out the other side of a major mental illness
  • being homeless
  • being (long term) unemployed
  • being lgbti
  • being a unionist...or not
  • being a veteran
  • being a prisoner
  • being obese
  • being an 'African' Straaayan
  • being an "Ozzie battler"
  • being a migrant.
  • being disabled
  • being a refugee
  • being a sex worker
  • addiction
  • being on the autism range
  • being a Newstart recipient




The 'Lucky Country'?

"A 2013 OECD report showed Australia to be the second biggest consumer of anti-depressants in the OECD, seconf only to Iceland, with 89 adults per 1000 taking the drugs compared to 71 in the United Kingdom, and an average of 56 across all OECD nations. Between 2000 and 2011, anti-depressant use in in Australia increased a staggering 95.3 per cent, according to one study."

"The OECD warned yesterday that antidepressant consumption 'has increased significantly in most (Western) countries since 2000, with Iceland reporting the highest prescription rates in 2011, followed by Australia, Canada, Denmark and Sweden." (Psychology Today)

 On being:

  • Depressed and anxious
  • bi-polar
  • schizophrenic
  • suicidal
  • other


Faith :

As simply as possible:

This is My Dreaming

This is my Christianity.

This is my Buddhism

This is my Judaism

This is my Islam

This is my agnosticism/atheism

This is My Other


 Here's a snapshot of a day in my life as a:

cop/ambo/firie/nurse/teacher/childcare worker/child protection worker

  • single mum/dad
  • pensioner
  • taxi driver
  • armed services personnel
  • employer
  • farmer
  • volunteer
  • scientist
  • full-time carer
  • disability worker
  • elite sportsperson