Academy Preamble

 ThE ACADEMY..... 

(Straaaya, Straaaya, Straaaya !!! Oh Jeeeez, what you could be !!! 

Cocky... (needs to be said at outset the ol' fella suffers somewhat from Fading Attractiveness Disorder and Grumpy OlFart Syndrome ( and a touch of  effin' Tourettes..BDL)  IS VERY DISTURBED !!!.....and pretty pissed off !!

From his unique vantage point up there on high, he has often wondered over the years and particularly in recent times whether Straaaya (Cocky has a lisp...NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT !!!) has become ‘bloated’ in Mind/Body/Spirit from ‘too much of a good thing’ 28 years or so of unbroken economic growth. If it’s all so great, why then so much talk from "experts" of epidemics of depression and (climate) anxiety, loneliness and isolation,  the neverending festering sores of issues for his First Nations ol' mates, homelessness, record housing indebtedness, obesity and diabetes, rising inequality alongside, it would seem, the serious dumbing down (or near total lack) of language spoken with conviction, ideas and imagination?


So Cocky... (yeh, a stroppy but occasionally reflective, woveable watbag/wabble wowser from waaay back...)

( Ta, Elmer )..

.......ON A MISSION.......

 (and truth be known, on the rebound after the breakup with his beloved Cockette)....on behalf of an articulation, imagination, communication/contesting-of -ideas starved root out local squawks artikulating  what's giving the Local Plebs the shits....


like from Official ARLP American Patron Taylor Mali...




  Sure, there’s much to "celebrate"; and be grateful for in Straaaya 'n' that.....but something ain't right, he reckons.....(like...deerrrr !!)

 So here's the rub, says Cocky. Have Straaayans (especially in the cities), overwhelmed by endless distractions  and drowning in public and private mediocrity on all fronts... lost the plot big-time????  For Cocky's two bob's worth, it soooo started to happen in particular with the introduction of the 'Smartphone'..(Jeez, it took youze people millions of years to become 'Homo  Erectus' and only about the last 15 or so to reverse Evolution and become 'Homo Phone Stoopus'...or 'Homo Stooopidous !!.......Geddit ???) 

And yeeeh !!! strong might be the links and parallels, as many claim, to the frustrating decline and increasing polarization of discourse and communication skills....from the top downwards?  And where's our Glorious Slang gone, fer chrissakes ?? Could Cocky be that little prick the National Consciousness is screaming out for to pierce and release some of that pent-up Bloated Gas and provide an avenue for some damned good, well constructed squawks from among the general populace who, he reckons , are raring to have a crack ?

Cocky, (who in his spare time enjoys poking his stick down funnel-web spider holes,)  doesn't flinch from making some big calls and diving in on the hard questions.

(See ya out the back, Dwaaaaayne !!!)


And yet ...he can also occasionally bring himself to defer to and acknowledge the observations of others over the ages (What the hell..?) or that everyone has a story to tell. ( View from here).

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