Collaboration in The Great Re-Calibration !


The Australian Raving Loony Party.

Cocky'z Academy For Speaking Better 'n' Everythink !!!!


A Squawk from the Curmudgeons/Crusty Ol' Geezers Faculty



“When all the trees have been cut down,

when all the animals have been hunted,

when all the waters are polluted,

when all the air is unsafe to breathe,

only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”

(Cree prophecy)


 Cocky'z Squawk/two bob's worth from Mount Lofty.

(Sorta translated/transcribed by Barely Coping Beloved Dear Leader) .


My Fellow -Ette Straaayan Mushrooms !!!!!

On...Collaboration in The Great Recalibration.


Look, here's the rub, says Cocky, (reluctantly deferring to and sharing the limelight with  his ol' mate Sir Dickie who's also been around the block a few times and seen 'em all come and go) All Dickie  and Cocky know for sure is that Nature, Evolution and History ain't particularly sentimental when it comes down to a shake-out for individuals. societies, empires or civilizations.The Imperative is always the same.....adapt to changing circumstances in an ever changing Universe and stare down the fear by taking stock, re-calibrating, adapting, re-generating.....or risk carking it. Nothing personal...that's just the way it is.

But....sometimes ya get lucky and Nature gives you a tap on the shoulder and/or a kick up the bum and time to re-assess...before ya go off the cliff.

The Little Ol' Fella (who just wants to get Straaayans squawking on shit that matters) reckons that between the power of language and music, the sciences and technology... this is an utterly unique period, through the vigorous re-contesting of ideas, to inclusively re-imagineate, re-articulate and re- manifest the world of Dreams by coming up with strategies for climate change and post viral transition.

(Cocky reckons most Straaayans can rub their heads and pat their bellies at the same time !!)

Ain't no going back to what things were before. Your.time.starts now. Get informed, engage and have a good ol' chew on sharing a good ol' well considered squawk with the rest of us. ....


Everyday.  In every little way.





." Come gather round (Straaayan ) People wherever ya roam"...

 ( foretold by His Bobness...

 near 60 years ago...)




 .".and admit that the waters around ya have grown."..







....Where... in the end....

...ya just can't keep a Noisy Straaayan down..!!!




Coming soon to a Straaayan pub, suburb, town square, CBD....

near youze.. !!!

..or from your loungeroom...until the virus permits...


  ....'Re-imagining Protest.'....




imagination. articulation. manifestation.

Ya know it makes sense . 

(Just when ya thought that Politics couldn't pooooossibly get any more insane...).


Academy CEO Cocky and Barely Coping Managing Director Beloved Dear Leader chew the fat....with Plebs assembling for Cockyz.z Peoplez.zz Parlourment Squawkoff...



AND !!!





Cocky'z..zz  People'z..zz  Parlourment !!! 


 Navigatin' The Middle Path..... through all the Endless, Polarized 'Effin' Noise And Social Media Crap passin' for 'Debate'...








Cocky’s Academy For Speaking Better ‘n’ Everythink !!!



Konnection !!Konnection !! Konnection !!

...and oh ? Did we mention.....

Konnection ???

How the 'effin hell has it all come to this ???


 ALL ASK... 


Are we rooted??     Or not ??? " 



 Ya mightn't like what yer gonna hear...but let's start just gettin' it out there !!!!




- 3 Minute Squawks from those...In The Know !!!…. like these..about Moving Forward ‘n’ stuff.. Everyday. In every little way. 

Passion. Eloquence. Panache. And then some.

Imagination. Articulation. Creation.

You know it makes sense.


Courtesy of The Commos at Q and A.....



 ...siiigh...a pesky young 'un puts in her two bob's worth...




Crisis ?? What Crisis ???




 CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY !!!! honour the frontline emergency workers...firies, ambos, police, nurses, doctors,wildlife rescue and all support workers.. give practical and specifically financially targeted  hope and long term mental health support to them and fire affected communities..

let alone the small army of mental health workers  required to be trained up for the Post Viral Rebuild..


through the..



(see Mental Health/ PTSD Buttons)


So...let's get started, shall we ? 


Still feeling a bit nervy about having a crack?? Check out these everyday Straaayans in flight...

password:  renegade


See Auditions button for guidelines on presentations, judge's criteria blah. Pretty simple really.

 Or form a squawk group, get squawking and rehearsing, keep tuned...:)

(Initially Squawks2Go)


1) Straaaya ! Straaaya ! Straaaya ! Oh Jeez, what you could be !!


2) .."that National/International Vision Thingo..where the bloody hell are Ya ??? 


 3. So then....why isn’t teaching one of the most aspired to and well paid  professions in Straaaya?

(Australian Raving Loony Party American Patron Taylor Mali)

What Straaayan teachers make,,,


4. Welcome Back John Maynard Keanes. Oooorooo Milton Friedman. Or not.


5. People need Earth. Earth doesn't need people. Or it does.


6.. Have we met the enemy ?  And is he us  ?

 Where the friggin' hell to from here ??