Cocky asks...

Australian Raving Loony Party.


Imagination. Communication. Manifestation

You know it makes sense.


   'A Mighty Wind'

" Well, don’t just stand there !! Let ‘er rip !!! ”




1.  So then.....what is your favourite Straaayan slang word/expression? Cocky's is...'ratbag'.....used to be a term of endearment back in the day. !!!

      And what happened to ..DRONGO !!...?? .."dry as a dead dingo's donger ' (The Ol' Man's favourite )...' of Tassie..' ..norks ' ...have a crack....crack the shits...give a shit...Crikey (Mo)..

2. So then...does Straaaya have a National Speech Impediment Problem? How highly valued are communication skills? Or not?

3.So then....why isn’t teaching one of the most aspired to and well paid  professions in Straaaya?

What Straaayan teachers make,,,


4. So then.....what ís a “Straaayan”? What's “un-Straaayan"? Who said so?

5. So then.......if Straaaya’s not a highly derivative culture of multi-layered contributions, then...errr......what the hell is it?

6. So then...Straaaya. The Fair Go/'Lucky Country' no more ? Or was it ever ?

7. So then......ya reckon Straaaya’s the Be All and End All, do ya? With Bugger All Else to learn from anyone?

8. So then......would  “I am Australian” make a better national anthem than the dirge we have now?

9. What might be "The Social Contract/Compact" as applied to Straaaya today? Is there such a thing as 'the common good'?

10. If we have the politicians, media and education system we deserve, what does that say about us?

11.Will Baby Boomers (according to Millenials, the overwhelmingly most fortunate generation ever born) ever leave the stage or even admit to their great generational good fortune?

12. Will Millenials (according to Baby Boomers )ever leave home, stop photographing themselves, their meals and their kids and engage in the issues which affect them?

13. Affluenza. When you “have it all”..........what then?

14. Straaaya. Still an egalitarian, classless society? Or was it ever ?

15. Is Straaaya’s abundance of resources a one-trick-pony blessing or a risk averse, innovation and future denying curse?

16. What happened to the 2 million TVs Straaayans threw out last year? Where does all our e-waste go?

17. What is the trail of tears behind all the cheap shit we buy and discard?

18. Do societies choose to survive or fail ? Or not?

19. So...plastics have now penetrated the most microscopic levels of the food chain, particularly seafood. Any...errr... suggestions anyone ? Are we rooted?

20. What is Happiness? Is the Happiness Industry just a con?

21. What is mental ‘health’?/ ‘depression’?/ ‘illness’?

22. Are the DSM  IV and V mostly bullshit? Are many of our behaviours becoming pathologized so drug companies can make profits?

23. Is Straaaya a nation of alcoholics in denial?

24. Celebrity Divers/Melbourne Housewives/ Big Brother 24/Reality TV?? What next, MILF Island ? Where Brad, Todd, Kyle and their boners have to swim out through shark infested waters to get to the mermaid MILFs draped over the rocks.?? How will the MILFs react to the survivors' 'shrinkage' problems and soiled budgie smugglers?? (You'll laugh ! You'll cry ! You'll care !!) Are we now truly living in The Age of Shit and Humilitainment ?

25. Be born. Consume. Be silent. Die?

26. Are we all whores in the end?

27. When was the last time you were fully mindful and ‘present’? Does multi-tasking leave you having done nothing particularly well ?

28. What the hell was Robin Boyd's 'The Australian Ugliness' going on about??

29. What is Love? Respect? Compassion? Gratitude? Forgiveness? Faith? Grace? Loss? Surrender?

30. What are ‘success’ and ‘failure’ and who defines them?

31. Any suggestions on how we can cope, as we age, with FAD (Fading Attractiveness Disorder) ?

32. Who are you when you are suddenly no longer defined by your job and/or your possessions?

33. Was vacuum sealed packaging purposely designed to send people insane?

34. Would you share an apartment with yourself?

35. Should  18 month olds be asked for permission to change their nappies? (Richmond Childcare Official Directive)

36. Why does love burn but hate feels so warm and comfortable?

37. What are the roles of pain and suffering in our lives?

38. What role does Beauty play in our lives?

39. Does the relentless pursuit of Pleasure carry the seeds of our own destruction within it?

40. Whatever happened to –

a) awe and wonder?

b) peace and quiet?

c) a love of solitude?

d) a deep reverence for the mystery of life?

e) the Straaayan Inbuilt  Bullshit  Detector?

f) the separation of Church and State?

g) privacy?

h) decency?

i) giving someone your full phone-free attention?

40. Is it the best of times? Is it the worst of times? (with apologies to Dickens)

41. Is The West history?

42. Been bloody hot up my gumtree these last 5 years or so. What's that about?  Are we rooted? Or not?

43. Unlimited population and  economic growth? Are we rooted? Or not?

44. What’s the future? Does it even exist?

45. Why are most of us so risk averse?  What are we so afraid of?

46. Is this the dawning of The Age of Narcissism, Self-Absorption, Boredom and Distraction?

47. Many consider the rise of Nazism as History's greatest warning. What happened there and could it happen again in a different form, anywhere, anytime?

48. Are those who forget the lessons of History condemned to repeat them?

49. Is quality journalism, the lifeblood of a vibrant democracy....... doomed? Do many even care, or have the time to care?

50. What is the importance of ‘narrative’ in our lives?

51. What is the relationship between the Divine Comedy and the Divine Tragedy?

52. Corporate Cowboys everywhere. Are we now in advanced late capitalism? If so, any....errr... alternatives, anyone ?

53. Have we passed Peak Oil/ coal ? If so, what now? Are we rooted? Or not?

54. Do all empires/societies carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction?

      What might be ours?

55. Have we lost the plot?

56. How many of your memorable Twitter and Facebook postings do you think will be read out at your funeral?

57. What place, if any, does prayer/meditation have in our lives?

58. Has sport become just a bunch of meaningless franchises of manufactured 'connection'?

59. Own up. When was the last time you reeeaaaaally stuffed up?

60. I didn’t do it ! The Bart Simpson Defense. Is anyone actually fully responsible for anything anymore?

61. When was the last time you were deeply moved to tears?

62. When did you last experience something you truly can’t explain?

63. Why do we love conspiracy theories? (Here’s mine...)

64. Have you had an alien encounter?

65. Do the Illuminati/ Masters of the Universe exist? What is the Skull and Bones Society George W. Bush belonged to at Yale?

66. What is the eye in the pyramid on the US dollar all about?

67. Why do we plan......and the Gods laugh?

68. How could Mozart possibly write and perform such music at the age of 5?

69. Which of the Seven Deadly Sins.......Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Wrath. Lust. Pride, Straaayan cultures' worst?

70. So then.... how much did Jesus and Buddha contribute to GDP in their lives?

71. What’s so funny about Bhutan’s idea of GNH(Gross National Happiness) as a measure of its’ citizens welfare?

72. What will 'work' as we know it now look like in the near and distant future?

73. What is the point of  Evolution? What are we evolving/ being evolved to?

74.  Is there salvation/redemption for even the worst of us?

75. What’s Wisdom? Does anyone have the mortgage on it?

76. Is there a spirit world?

77. Why are the Self Help and Positive Psychology industries so toothy, sanctimonious and loathsome? Or not?

78. When was the last time you stood up/fought for anything?

79. Are most of us just in love with......the Idea of Love?

80. Why doesn’t life work out just like in the movies?

81. So...who or what's a 'bleeding heart ' then?

82. Why do we bung so many of our elderly into those God’s Waiting Room homes?

83. Has Straaaya essentially become an age and death denying/elderly and teenager loathing society?

84. Why does a certain city/country/race/work of art/piece of music..... ‘speak’ to us?

85. Have we become 'comfortably numb'?

86. Is (material) paradise won a boring hell? How much is enough?

87. Are we now living in a Culture of Complaint and Outrage ?

88. How are we to live in a finite world?

89. What is a ‘moral’ life? What constitutes 'a good life'?

90. What is the importance of Ritual in our lives?

91. If poverty comes in the door, does love fly out the window?

92. What would life be like without taxes? How much is ‘enough’ tax?

93. How wide is the gap between the taxes we pay and the services we want?

94. What are the downsides of ‘mateship’?

95. Is home ownership over-rated and now becoming unachievable in Straaaya?

96. What is at the heart of the forms of :

a) male violence against women

b) male violence against men?

c) female violence against women?

d) female violence against men?

 97. Why is the collapse of society on Easter Island considered our civilization’s ”...canary in the coal mine”?  What happened there?

98. Oooh My Beloved  (...insert country/city/town/suburb name...)

  • How do I looooove you ????? Let me count the ways...
  • You look teeeeerrible!!! What the hell happened???

 99. How wide is the gap between

a) our national myths and their realities?

b) our ‘rational mind' construct and our evolutionarily driven DNA  imperatives?

c) the life we  lead and the  life we could/should/ could’ve/should’ve  led?

d) our public face and our private life?

e) what politicians say but can actually do?

f) women and men financially, emotionally, genetically?

g) our lip service and our actions?

100. Around about when did the Art of Oratory disappear?

101. Around about when did Death become so sanitized?

102. Around about when did chefs, B grade actors, ‘celebrity’ journalist bloggers/radio announcers and a seemingly endless conga line of narcissistic non-entities become more important than child care/ protection workers, scientists, teachers and the like?

103. Around about when were kids last allowed to just be kids and develop their own resilience? Will Helicopter Parents be the end of us all?

104. Around about when did everything become so friggin’ precious, especially concerning kids?

105. Around about when did Straaaya become the second most litigious society on Earth?

106. These times we live in. What have we gained? What have we lost?

107. How much longer before our hospitals are more clogged than our arteries?

108. What are the joys of speaking other languages? Why is there so little interest in Straaaya in learning other languages?

109. Can anyone actually describe what a 'sustainable' Straaaya might look like and how it might work?

110. What was life really like here before The First Fleet just... 'appeared'... one day? What might have happened to the 'Marvin the Martian'  flag Cook planted in 1770, and what the hell would the Eora tribe have made of it all?

111. So if and when future generations survey the ruins of our 'civilization',what will they say and think about us? 'They' did 'their best'? 'It' was ALL so the time? Why couldn't ''they' see what was happening all around 'them'?

112. Is the Westminster Parliamentary System now just an anachronism that, in this day and age, just doesn't cut it any more?

113. How much of the ol' 'convict/overseer' mentality still permeates our national DNA?

114. Like the dinosaurs, hitchhikers once roamed the Earth in abundant numbers too. What the hell ever happened to 'em? 

115. So when did gambling become 'normalised' childrens' viewing during prime time sporting television?

116. Is 'Democracy' all it's cut out to be.... for all peoples and countries?

117. Dozens of sunken WW2 battleships and freighters rusting in the Pacific Ocean are about to release millions of litres of oil in the very near future. Whatcha gonna do???

118. (Global) crisis ?? What (global) crisis ? Whatcha gonna do ???

  • fresh water
  • oceans
  • plastics
  • forest clearance
  • species extinction
  • overpopulation
  • warming

 119. Straaayan teachers (and Principals ) are leaving the profession in droves. What's that say about Straaaya ? Who's gonna teach the kids ??

120. Foootiscray and Braybrook are my favourite Melb. berbs to hang out in. Howzabout youze ?

 121. Is Straaaya really racist ? Nah, can't be, coz what about when that Wareed Ayi (sorry, that damned Cocky lisp again ! Ed.) winning the Gold Rogie 'n'  everythink ??

122. How the 'effin hell have more than one in six of Australian children ended up living in poverty. ??

123. Straaaya now has a National Poverty Week !! When and how the 'effing hell has that happened ??

124. Looks like Straaaya is developing a large and permanently entrenched underclass and Working Poor, withThe Middle disappearing up the '1 to 5 per centers' omnipresent vacuum, hoovering wealth back up to their neck of the woods. How the 'effing hell..............???

125. Oi ! I heard water from the Murray Darling Basin is being traded on the New York stock exchange. Is that right ? If so, how the effing; hell did that happen ?

126. His Bobness sang that...'we all wear the same thorny crown..' Whaddya reckon ?

127. Housing Crisis ? Naaah..