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......on Climate change, acid rain, ozone depletion, international co-operation and  Leadership for example...

The Iron Lady Speaks, in 1989. Unlike sooo many others back then and in these days, on so many issues....she didn't let The Facts get in the way of a good story.  Respect.


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A farmer in Bylong puts in his two bob's worth... 

I'm a farmer ... 650 acres in Bylong, grazing ... and I am heartily sick of farmers.

This "writing on the wall" has been broadcast for 20 years - we KNOWN this reckoning would come, not from the activitists, or the scientists - but because the rain patterns were changing back on 2000.

All the forecasts have come true - dead rivers, drying forests, insect extinction - I am located next to the Wollemi - in 2000, the undergrowth was so thick you could see 25 metres ... now, there is nothing on the ground - you can see 300 metres through the forest.

The creeks that used to run ... all stopped during the Millennial Drought. The wells that had been faithful for 120 years - all dried in 2006.

And yet ... they continue to landclear - as each of their paddocks turns to dust, they clear another and create more desert. You only need drive alongb the Castlereach Highway to see the vandalism and destruction these "farmers" have wreaked ... millions of acres of flat, brown, treeless dust ... that have not received more than 100mm of rain a year.

The landclearing ... creates a desert - it defeats the rain cycle, and as the earth dries, there is nothing to create the summer rains. And yet, they clear and clear and clear.

Drive through Coonamble, Gilgandra - all you see is treeless desert, reaching out to the horizon, with rusted grain infrastructure that hasn't seen grain in 30 years

Now, the desert has a life of its own ... it is marching towards the coast, about 100 kilometres a year. The towns like Warren, Gulargambone - are desolate and depressed. These towns would empty except the real estate is worthless.

And still ... these vandals clear and clear. So don't cry for the farmers ... offer to buy them out, $1 an acre, because that's all its worth.

As its said by Hartcher today - these farms are actually worth more as carbon soaks than sheep or cattle or cropping ... at $24 a tonne of CO2 sequestration, these farms are actually worth more by growing trees and letting emitters sequestrate their pollution.

Don;t feel sympathy - feel outrage.