Beloved speaks !


Because we all need a good squawk from time to time.


...coz...'s the rub, says Cocky...









Politics is broken. Everywhere. The disconnection/disenfranchizement between the Political/Corporate Class is near complete and just about any trust in Institutions The Citizenry had has vanished into the ether too .

The power and beauty of the Spoken Word and the contesting of ideas have long been in  decline,increasingly diminished and trivialized, in some cases reduced to rule by 'effing tweets, fer chrissakes !

The Australian Raving Loony Party, through Cocky's Academy and Peoplez.zz Parlourment, is a Speakers’ Soapbox Forum devoted to addressing the above (Sydneysiders of a certain vintage would remember Speakers' Corner at Hyde Park back in the day)and was largely born out of despair at the quality of what has been passing for public and political 'debate' in recent times.

Gawd, look at the last election !! Linguistically, Labor came up short(en) and how good is Scomo ? (well, not very, it would seem..)

So hey, all this might just... ‘speak’... to you ! Especially Generation Z and the poor ol' much maligned Millenials who are indeed about to inherit the Earth and as the first generation to have lower living standards than their parents (mind you, many Baby Boomers are living in terrible poverty..)

Like the  fires and Climate change 'debate'...aaargh ! . The causes of it are of course multi-layered here and elsewhere......for starters, the greed, corruption and mismanagement of land and water amongst other issues these last couple of centuries, particularly underfunding in recent times for Fire Services for National Parks Management, controlled burn-offs...and on..and on..


And Jeez, as if Rachel Carson's 1962 Silent Spring wasn't warning enough....(note 'The Usual Suspects' hovering around )...

Doesn't mean that Straaayans can't imagineate, articulate and create a better future. So much untapped talent and goodwill out there. This incredibly daunting  time offers huge opportunities to run with... through the incorporation of Upside Down Thinking..''

 Meanwhile...... are you finding yourself some days with your eyes glazing over and your mind shutting down at the daily tsunami of drivel and dross that passes for the supposed Information Age? That much of the promise of the miracle of new technology...the internet, smart phones, the 24/7 media cycle, cable TV, Facebook, actually leaving you and many of us feeling number, dumber, more overwhelmed and disconnected than ever....with the attention span of a self absorbed butterfly or goldfish? When was the last time you chatted with a stranger on a tram or train?

As an increasingly time poor populace contributes to politics being reduced to sideshows and soundgrabs and as the quality of mainstream journalism seemingly inexorably declines (while hundreds of anonymous respondents to online click-bait ‘Comment’ articles vent their largely vapid, tribal based, trolling, inane, predictable rantings and point scoring into a void), are you feeling like it’s almost impossible to find anyone who actually speaks from the heart? With passion and true eloquence? When was the last time you were moved by a speech/piece of oratory to which you gave your full attention? What made it ‘special’? Almost certainly it was unlikely to have been via a Powerpoint Presentation.....or sadly, from a Pollie. Can you even rattle off 5 Great Australian Speeches ??

Are you feeling that in this time of excessive materialism,we’re becoming 'comfortably numb’ and everything is increasingly:

                                                blandified/ commodified/ sanitized/ desanctified/ trivialized?

Finding yourself yelling at the TV or radio now and again, pleading that just for once those in the public eye would depart from the highly researched/micromanaged/rehearsed script of their  minders and say what the hell they mean.....or at least something original? Suspecting that  the old ‘Left/Right’ paradigm has lost much of its meaning and that combined with us now seemingly living in the ‘Age of the Ephemeral’ and its endless distractions....few have the courage or eloquence to communicate anything complex with clarity, simplicity and conviction?

In short, do you often feel we’re drowning in a sea of mediocrity, where our primary role is to now just passively.... ‘consume’?

Be  interested in a medium with a fresh format...the 3 minute 'spoken vignette'... to address all sorts of issues/topics and apply your own brand of imagination, articulation, passion, eloquence and panache? Y’know.... a chance for you to have a good, well considered squawk !!

Well, why not drop by and check out Cocky's joint, have a look around for a bit and if you like what you see, introduce yourself to Cocky, spend some quality time hanging out and chewing the fat.... agree or disagree (not advisable) a Menu order, come join the party here at Team Loony HQ. and in your uploaded squawk ....."take us on a trip, upon your magic swirling ship".... ( Ta, His Bobness)

And lest we forget.....whatever the hell happened to just...Good Ol’ Fun???? :)



Love always.

Beloved Dear Leader.

Founder. Australian Raving Loony Party.

(Barely Coping ) Managing Director.

Cocky's Academy For Speaking Better 'n' Everythink.