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Watch out Straaaya.
Here comes Cocky!


Cocky says...

Cocky says...
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Cocky asks...

Cocky asks...
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What the hell...?

What the hell...?
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View from here..

View from here..
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....." Come gather round (Straaayan ) People wherever ya roam"... foretold by His Bobness...


near 60 years ago...





.".and admit that the waters around ya have grown."..







 Have we met the enemy ?  And is he us  ?



..but hey...if you want hope.....and to see what scientifically grounded, sustained people power can do...

..when all seemed hopeless..back in the day..


... and 'whalehugger" was a widely used derisive term...



 Just don't say weren't bloody warned !!!!


......on Climate change, acid rain....


..ozone depletion, (successfully tackled internationally  through)....


...Co-operation and  Leadership...


 Great (Restrained ) Squawk  Case Study from the archive..


 Eloquence pops up in the strangest places....take it where you can find it. (ARLP Policy )


The Iron Lady Speaks..., 1989...





 "If you put a frog in water and slowly heat it, the frog will eventually let itself be boiled to death.

We, too, will not survive if we don't respond to the radical way in which the world is changing."

(Charles HandyTHE AGE OF UNREASON.) 1989


..Hmmm....89. A Year  To Remember....when change seemed unimagineable

..(a bitta people power back in the day..)


MEANWHILE...back to This One..


 ( Oi !!....hoooooooooow good and prescient was Donald Horne back then in the 60's when he pronounced in  'The Lucky Country' that.....)


'Straaaya is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share in its' luck.

It lives on other people's ideas, and, most of its leaders (in all fields ) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise.' ????


Yeh, that would explain a lot of the ever present reactive/non-proactive Political/ Cultural National Malaise of addiction to Short-Termism (especially effin' real estate speculation !!).....for which pretty well everyone has to share some degree of blame.

Doesn't mean that Straaayans can't imagineate, articulate and create a better future. So much untapped talent and goodwill out there. This incredibly daunting  time offers huge opportunities to run with through the incorporation of...

Upside Down Thinking !!!!



  "Listen. The next revolution is going to be a revolution of ideas. (Bill Hicks. )





"The situation is hopeless.  We must take the next step." (Pablo Casals )


 Ain't business as usual any more..

Ain't no quick fixes...or easy way out..

No point in playing The Blame Game..

We have seen the enemy. And he is us.


Time to shine, Straaaya.

(Yer better than this bullshit...)

..and tap into that enormous national pool of talent, expertise and goodwill which is now bursting at the seams..

...and with others, lead the way again !!!

 Have we met the enemy ?  And is he us  ?

Everyday. In every little way

Our.Time.Starts. Now

..and who better with crikey....y'know..that Straaayan Bard Bloke...??

"What's wrong with leading the way? We've played that role before, after all. We gave the world the secret ballot...that did so much to raise the living standards and improve conditions for workers worldwide. We were a leader in extending to women the right to vote. We were barely a nation when we set the bar for for bravery and sacrifice by common soldiers in foreign wars. We grew up out of racism and misogyny and homophibia to become a mostly tolerant, successful multi-cultural society. We did these great things because we know we are in it together. It is our core value as Australians."

(Geraldine Brooks. Boyer Lecture 2011)


So..bring that Squawkarama Summit on !!!


Oi...!!!"Those International/ National/Local Climate Change/Post-Viral 'Lifestyle' TranZition Stratajeez...


...That 20/20Vizion  Thingo !!!....(Geddit ???)




Are we rooted ?? Or about to embark on..

....'THE THIRD AGE '???? the most challenging but exciting period...

in Straaayan or World History ??? 















blonde woman showing affection to his white cockatoo

popular with the sheilas as always....



Cocky. The lovable little ol' fella  and noisy Straaayan....who just wants to  RAISE THE BAR !!!! 
...and get Straaayans squawking....






...just when you thought politics couldn't possibly get any more insane ...

 Passion. Eloquence. Panache.

imagination. Articulation. Creation.

You know it makes sense.


                                                                           Meet The Academy Staff at Team Loony HQ...

 ...Lingo Expert Professor Dr (Sharlene) Hoo ?, Long Suffering Treasurer Muggins MacNulty, CEO Cocky and Chief Librarian Kylie and son Kenny....






 COPYRIGHT CHARLES  SCHULZ (with much love )



But watch out !!!! 




 ...the more things change......!!!!!.


...Them Lads... 

(R.I.P. Terry, Graham xx )



...the more they stay the bloody same...


" won't get fooled again.."


 Strap yerselves in, Straaaya....HERE WE GOOOOOOO !!!!

(Thanks , Johnno...)




Straaaya needs a National Squawkerama /Contesting of Ideas Summit !!!

   Coz Straayans..,,yez just might be in a bit of... (at the very least...)... YEH !....NAA !!



So......Yer best hope might be to.....step up to the plate... imaginate,  articulate... ..and create yer way outta this  mess,,,


...if yer feeling a bit nervy about having a crack when Academy 'Auditions' are announced soon...



 ..Check out these everyday Straaayans in flight...

..."The Cocky'z Academy Graduation Class of 2015 "!!!..

...with guest "Thought Police" ...

password:  renegade



- 3 Minute Squawks from those...In The Know !!!…. about Moving Forward ‘n’ stuff.. Everyday. In every little way. 

Passion. Eloquence. Panache. And then some.

Imagination. Articulation. Creation.

You know it makes sense.


Here's what a shit...

..sounds like..


Courtesy of The Commos at Q and A.....Golden Squawk from Uncle Bruce..





and gawd....another pesky wabble wowser young 'un puts in hers..



  Coming in April 2020  ....Initial audition "Academy Entrance Squawk"

will be a choice of  topics !!


1) Straaaya ! Straaaya ! Straaaya ! Oh Jeez, what you could be !!

"...that National Vision Thingo..where the bloody hell are Ya "??? 


2) .. Have we met the enemy ?  And is he us  ?

 Where the friggin' hell to from here ??


3. People need Earth. Earth doesn't need people. Or it does.


4.Welcome back John  Maynard Keynes. Oooorooo Milton Friedman. Or not.


(Can be a Squawk2GO or  3 minute Squawk/Combo )

(see Auditions Guidelines) 



So..Better call Cocky !!!.....

and ask around how we're doin'.... !!!

on the Climate Change/Social JusticeVirus fronts in The Beloved Country

 ... for those doin' it tough....   




 And then 'the Voice of Real Straaayans'..


....but oi, says Cocky...there's plenty  plenty of hope !!!!.....


 ASK YERSELF........


 .... what  could STRAAAYA adopting .......Upside Down Thinking...???





Cocky gives a huuuuuge wink and nod to Screaming Lord Sutch (R.I.P. Bewdiful Soul) and the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.


aaaahhh...those whacky Sixties....

(worth watching the first 10 mins or so with volume off....WTF ????)





 Cocky and The Academy proudly acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

Policies 'n' Totally like Straayan stuff, ya know?!

Policies 'n' Totally like Straayan stuff, ya know?!

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The Lucky Country

The Lucky Country

Hey....hoooooooooow good and prescient was Donald Horne back then in the 60's when he pronounced in 'The Lucky Country' that..... 'Straaaya is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share in its' luck. It lives on other people's ideas, and, most of its leaders (in all fields ) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise.' ????

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